Frequently Asked Questions




Q: Why is Rachel one of the premiere boudoir photographers in the US?
A: Rachel has proudly been specializing in photographing and healing women with her art for over a decade. She has risen to the top of the professional photography world as an award winning artist, an expert contributor for Shape Magazine, featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, is an instructor at creativeLIVE, speaks at photography conventions, writes custom Photoshop actions, is a best selling author and a mother of three! She has risen as high as a professional portrait photographer can rise and is always looking for new ways to evolve as an artist.

Q: Do you do discounts or Groupon?
A: Rachel offers military and their spouses a 15% discount on sessions and orders in honor of her Vietnam Veteran father. She photographs breast cancer survivors for free and covers their order minimums herself. She offers 15% off session fees for friends that book together on the same event. These are her discount programs. We believe in quality, not quantity and we seek clients with like minds. In today’s “Groupon” world, people are exceedingly expecting a lot for a little and for some artists starting out do offer that. It isn't to say you will get cheap work, you may get lucky and find someone very talented early in their career. Rachel has surpassed that. She worked for free for a year building her portolio, spent years offering many discounts and only recently priced her product to reflect her expertise, talent and the hard work it took to get to where she is today. She has perfected her craft, not only in her shooting, lighting and editing but in connecting with her clients. Many women leave their sessions feeling empowered and we have had the blessing of helping women change their lives. Just read the testimonials. To offer her services to more than just the wealthy, Rachel has priced her work where she feels it not only values herself but is set up in a way that more than just those with money to burn can afford her. Magazine cover shots are a symphony of a huge team of people spending weeks on just a few images. If it is one marquee piece on canvas to remember yourself by or a book of 18 images, we help facilitate this for everyone seeking our services by providing savings in our Collection Packages and by offering fee and serve fee free payment plans (like lay-away).

Q: What kind of sessions are available?
A: Sessions are non-commercial privately commissioned portrait sittings for clients' personal use. Sirens sessions are two hours in duration and include a professional hair and makeup artist, one hair and makeup look, 2 outfits and an implied nude bedroom set or clients can opt for 3 outfits and no implied nude set, private luxury vacation rental home for location with private hair and makeup room, basic industry standard retouching services on your proofing gallery images (all images purchased in order are retouched fully), one advanced retouched teaser image for you to use as a visual guide for how you can expect your final order to be done and that you can share online if you wish and finally, a rip roarin' good time! Siren sessions are $300 with a minimum order requirement of $300 (not included with the session fee) due at time of proofing gallery expiration.

Q: What if I want to book a longer session? Is that available?
A: Clients can book double sessions however since we work on a staggered schedule, booking two time slots will remove shared time with other clients between looks so it extends the session by one hour instead of two and provides double the looks and outfits/set changes. Siren double sessions are $600 with a minimum order requirement of $1200 (not included with the session fee) due at time of proofing gallery expiration.

Q: How do I book my session?
A: We are eco-friendly and offer an easy peasy online booking process. Clients are encouraged to call Sean to hammer out any details before entering a contract with RSP. We have a strict policy in place to protect our clients' investment and to protect the talent servicing them. We make it easy for everyone coming in for an event to be prepared and to know what to expect and what is expected of them so the event runs smoothly. We thank you all in advance for your understanding and consideration.

BOOK HERE or Call Sean at 503.891.6529

Q: What is included with the session?
A: Everything listed above and the time and talent of one of the country's most respected and in-demand award-winning internationally published boudoir portrait photographers as seen in Shape Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine, ImagingUSA, and creativeLIVE. Product is seperate and there is a minimum order requirement (not included in the session fee) to be photographed by Rachel. Cutting to the chase, the minimum investment for a session and a minimum order is $600 although clients love their images so much they routinely order much more. We offer an A la Carte Product Menu and awesome Product Collections that ascend in killer savings. We understand there are a lot of photopgraphers out there offering a lot for a little but Rachel has never been one to follow the herd. We are a quality over quantity business and Rachel feels this is so important for the intimate nature of boudoir photography. Clients looking to get the most by spending the least are not our ideal client. Being a mother of three supporting her family as an artist in a down economy, Rachel understands the value of saving where you can however some things are worth going to the best and paying for the best. She is at the top of her game, does everything with care for every client, puts many hours into the digital crafting of beautiful imagery and the value of her product reflects the value of her work to her clients.

Q: Where are you located?
A: Rachel tours the US throughout the year hosting on average one event per month. The cities serviced are Portland, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, Austin, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Boston, NYC, and Honolulu.

For event schedule, please visit our booking page: Event Schedule

Q: Where do you shoot these sessions? Do you have a studio?
A: Rachel exclusively uses private luxury vacation rental homes through Airbnb.com with owner consent for use. We do not work in a studio. Rachel is a free spirit!

Q: I want a female photographer but when I called the number, a man answered!
A: It's true, while there are no roosters in the henhouse at any event, Sean is Rachel's studio manager (and devoted husband and father to their three children) and handles all of the backend business items such as bookings, propduct orders, payment processing etc. This is designed to allow Rachel the time to focus solely on her work and with the business ever growing while raising three kids, she sorely needs to focus on retouching when she is not traveling for an event. If you must speak with Rachel prior to booking, Sean will be happy to arrange a phone consultation with her once your session is booked. You can also check out her Facebook page to see what people are saying and we are sure that any doubts as to her legitimacy will melt away.

Q: Do you provide wardrobe?
A: Clients are responsible to bring their own wardrobe. Being that we see up to 26 clients per event, we would not be able to provide clean wardrobe to everyone and therefore, for hygiene reasons, we will never offer wardrobe services.

Q: Do you provide hair and makeup?
A: Absolutely! All sessions include a professional female hair and makeup artist well versed in makeup and hair artistry. As one can expect when going into a high end salon for services, one tips. This is no different with a makeup artist at a high end photo session. Gratutities for her superb work are appreciated. As with salon services and the majority of service worker industries, we do not include service gratuity in our session fee. We cover her service in the fee and respectfully reserve the exchange of gratuity to be between the client and the talent.

Q: There sure is a lot of information to read, it's a little intimidating, do I really have to read all of it or can I just book my session?
A: Being that we see upwards of 500 women per year, we have experienced a wide variety of issues that interfere with the event and design process. To pare those issues down to a minimum, we provide all the information about what clients can expect from us, what we expect from our clients, how to prepare, session & ordering protocol and what our two party contract involves. That said, being that everything is laid out for you, there are no surprises.

Q. I would love to be a Siren but I am not sure I want to be on your website. Is that okay?
A. Of course. While Rachel owns the copyright to all of the images that she creates and reserves the right to use them to promote her business with client consent in writing only. Clients will receive a link to an online form where they can indicate whether or not they wish to be showcased.

Q: When should I book my session?
A: Events do sell out so we recommend booking as early as possible. Day and time slots are assigned first come first serve so if you are booking with a friend or a group, you definitely need to get everyone secured on the event early so we can book your sessions together.

Q: Do you photograph men or couples?
A: Rachel loves shooting couples! She humbly elects not to photograph men alone at this time. An additional fee does apply to secure a couples session with Rachel which covers the increase in retouching for a couples session. These are shot female-centric. Absolutely no male nudity is permitted. Please contact for terms and availability. You can see many samples of Rachel's couples work in her galleries on the website or on the Facebook Fanpage.

Q: I'm interested in a couples session, do you photograph lesbian couples?
A: Absolutely. Rachel embraces all women unconditionally.

Q: How long will Rachel spend taking pictures of me?
A: Clients may expect to spend 45 minutes in hair and makeup per lookand 45 minutes of actual shooting time with Rachel. The rest of the time is used for arrival, wardrobe changes, lighting and set changes and Client perusal of the RSP product line on display in the makeup room. Rachel has been doing this for nearly a decade and doesn't need more than 45 minutes to capture enough images to create a beautiful gallery for her clients. If Clients want more shooting time with Rachel, they may upgrade and add another session however that will bring the order minimum up to $1200.

Q: What if I don't like my pictures?
A: Since we invest 100% of session fees into the event itself, we rely 100% on orders to survive. That said, being that art is subjective and once in a while a client's expectations are unrealistic, we do not offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rachel and her team have already invested their time and talent into each client and therefore clients are contractually bound to order at least their minimum order of $300. Rachel's artistic style is well showcased on her site and Facebook pages, clients can expect their images to fall in line with her signature style. Clients who opt to induldge in the incredible experience of the session and viewing gallery and breach their contract by not ordering will go into debt collection procedures which reports to all three credit bureaus. We hate having to do it but this is a business after all, please be a lady and keep that in mind. Every client can find one image she likes that she can order a beautiful canvas of to treasure. We are not a huge corporation. When clients don't order, it hurts us.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: Yes! We have a beautiful two sided lustre coated gift certificate on gorgeous card stock that we will send USPS Priority Mail. Please inquire.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Rachel does not allow chaperones of any kind for any reason. Chaperones may walk the client to the room but then must leave and no entry will be offered. This is for the privacy and safety of all Rachel's clients, her makeup artist and Rachel herself. When Rachel is working with a client, she needs to be able to focus completely on her client in order to connect and capture not only her outer beauty but her inner beauty as well. She has many references upon request available if you would like to speak with ladies who have met her and gone through the experience themselves. Read the testimonials, check out our Facebook fanpage and even feel free to add Rachel as a friend on Facebook and see the response and interaction between her and her clients. Many ladies opt to have their sessions with a friend so get a friend to sign up for a session with you and we can make sure you are booked together so you can have your experience together. Groups of three or more booked on the same event each receive 15% off their session fee.

Be informed before you sign a contract! We are all about having fun and facilitating an awesome experience but this is a business that supports our children so our policy is firm. Please read it so you know what to expect from us and what we expect of our clients. Just as you are searching for the right photographer, so are we searching for the right clients. We hide nothing. Our policy:

If you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact studio manager, Sean at 503.891.6529 or by email at rachelstephensphotography@gmail.com